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Craig's resume


Interim Management

Provide management for IT departments at senior and executive management levels. 

  • Direct managerial and technical staff
  • Plan and manage departmental budgets and projects
  • Develop and administer departmental processes
  • Evaluate staff training requirements and develop training plans
  • Mentor staff in all phases of strategic planning and software development processes
  • Coordinate inter-departmental process and resource coordination
  • Select and/or develop permanent manager

Project Management

Manage day-to-day project activities.  Particular strength and experience in managing complex and mission critical projects.  Also extensive experience in project recovery – bringing troubled projects back into line.

  • Develop and monitor project plans and budgets
  • Negotiate project schedules and scope
  • Identify and coordinate staff resources and skill requirements
  • Procure capital assets
  • Manage vendors, contractors, and other external resources
  • Select and control proper development lifecycle
  • Lead all project activities including:

    o   Requirements gathering
    o   Analysis and system modeling
    o   Design and coding
    o   Test planning and execution
    o   Deployment
    o   Business process reengineering and training

  • Direct change management and system promotion activities
  • Conduct risk assessment and mitigation analysis
  • Prepare and deliver management reports
  • Coordinate activities with other project managers

Strategic Planning

Work with executive IT and business management in the development of strategic plans.

  • Document and assess current Information Process Model
  • Identify and develop Target Model
  • Identify and document current and targeted Systems Inventory
  • Identify, evaluate, and recommend technologies to improve business cycle
  • Prepare executive-level project and financial plans
  • Perform risk assessment
  • Identify skill and staff requirements

Software Engineering (Development Lifecycle Management)

Develop and direct the practical application of project management and development methodologies based upon the unique requirements of an organization.  Provide a special emphasis on Agile and adaptive development techniques designed to meet the demanding, accelerated pace of today’s e-business development efforts.

  • Evaluate an organization’s current project management and software engineering processes
  • Identify process improvement opportunities focused on reducing development timeframes while improving product quality
  • Model new project management and development lifecycle methodologies based upon leading-edge Agile and Lean approaches
  • Coordinate process improvement efforts across IT organization
  • Provide direct, hands-on training for management and staff
  • Identify and implement realistic metrics to assist an organization’s future software engineering process improvement efforts

Organizational Modeling and Implementation

Help evolving organizations establish formal IT departments or restructure existing IT groups to more effectively compete in today’s environment of rapid development, high staff turn-over, and tough competition.  Guide young entrepreneurial companies in developing formal IT organizations by migrating their technical talent from a group of individuals to effective teams.

  • Provide an IT organizational framework to address the demands of today’s business while preparing for tomorrow’s challenges
  • Create a strategic plan for evolving the IT organization based upon the company’s business model
  • Establish team roles and individual responsibilities while still allowing for personal growth and flexible response to business changes
  • Set forth a staff development plan to enhance performance and improve staff retention
  • Identify and coach individuals who show leadership qualities and help them migrate from purely technical to technical management or pure management positions
  • Establish processes to evolve a company’s software products in a controlled, predictable manner
  • Create an environment where the chaos of creativity co-exists effectively with controlled software development